Street Style: The Fashion of Today


The coming boom of street style is changing the fashion world today as blogs all over the world are featuring the varying styles of the average Joes in different cities especially in the fashion capital of the world The fashion magazines are being overshadowed by cost-free fashion blogs featuring people who walk the streets with their own creative style.


Perhaps one can argue that it started with lookbook websites where members too can upload their photos wearing their own styles and fashion creativity.
But the great thing about blogs with street style as their main theme is that the people they post on their blogs are actually wearing the clothes on the streets. Unlike in Lookbook where photographs were taken from places located in the middle of nowhere.
Street style has the bravery to be seen by people even without bloggers taking their photographs. On the other hand, lookbooks are more focused on unrealistic fashion sense that only seems beautiful and attractive in photographs with the help of the environment where it was taken from.


Today, people are following fashion blogs focusing on street fashion and are ignoring the fashion magazines on newsstands or bookstores. People have found street fashion blogs to be more efficient and practical as they don’t have to pay a cent in order to view the inspiring looks of others located in different corners of the globe. Being able to look at what the kids in Tokyo are wearing can be as quick and see with a single click.
All one needs is an internet connection and everything will unfold in the screen monitor to be seen conveniently by the person.

The death of fashion magazines may be at hand since an enormous number of people are turning to blogs which are commonly free online. But the professionalismComputer Technology Articles, authenticity, and life of the fashion industry still live with the magazines that distribute the latest trend in fashion and hottest designers of the present times.

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